God did chose us thinking that after our salvation we will never sin. He knows we will continue to sin because of our un-renewed minds. He saves us and makes us righteous in our spirits but then we need to renew our minds in tune to the Spirit which has come alive. The Holy Spirit helps us in the renewing of the mind.

We all know that a cat will purr and scratch us sometimes when it gets irritated irrespective of how good we are to it, yet we accept it as our pet. When we accepted it as our pet we accepted the possibility for it to scratch it sometimes yet we accepted as our pet because we loved it. It is our love for the pet that is the reason for the adoption of the pet and not the pets love for us. It has nothing to do with the pet. We have actually accepted the nature of the pet to scratch us in the future too so we have already forgiven it for all the future scratching’s it may do on us because that is the nature of the cat and we have accepted it with our unconditional love. However we do not let the cat keep scratching as per its nature after adopting it as our pet. We train it. We renew its mind. During the renewal time it may scratch us but that we have already accepted and forgiven but we press on and work on the cat to make it stop scratching someday. The cat responds according to its nature. Some are tough to train and some are easy but we don’t give up on them both because we love them both.

In the same way God chose us with our unconditional mind when he saved us but determined to work on our minds and renew it. This is something the believer has to do , with the help of the Holy Spirit if he wants to know the good, acceptable and the perfect will of God.( Romans 12:2).  During the process of the renewing of the mind it is possible for the believer to fall into sin due to his un-renewed nature which the grace of God will cover. In spite of the falling into sins the Holy Spirit will not give up on him but help him to continue to renew his mind through the truths of God. The Holy Spirit pours the love of God into our minds (Romans 5:5) that makes it too easy for the believer to overcome his temptation to sin. He also receives power over the power of Satan. The only power Satan has is lies and deception.

However we need to be thankful to God for the basis on which he chose us. He chose us because He loved us and has nothing to do with anything we had or have. God did not chose us because we are sinless but we sin less and less and less. When we think of How He chose us in spite of who were and what we were our hearts are filled with gratitude and joy. He chose you in spite of what you are and is working on you to fulfil His Will and Plan in your life and it is in this He gives you the promise that ‘He will never leave you nor forsake you’.