Many Christians have this question in their minds. They feel terrible for being unjustly blamed for what Adam did. Today even the state law does not permit the son to be blamed for what the debts borrowed by the father. Why did the sin that came upon Adam come upon all of us even without us asking for it? One act of sin brought sin on all of us. It was thrusted upon as us and in sin were we born. This is because even biologically {genetically} we were in Adam when he sinned and so sin came upon sin when he sinned. Adams sin brought upon us its resultant judgement, curses and punishments upon us. This is a saddening fact but we need not get disheartened by this fact because righteousness has also come upon us the same way through the second Adam Lord Jesus Christ. As a result of the one act of righteousness on the cross he defeated sin, and brought righteousness too all men who were born to Adam and made them all righteous. You became sin for Adam’s sin but now you have become righteousness by Christ’s Righteousness. Christ’s Righteousness also brought deliverance from the Law and Curses and ushered us into an era of blessings alone.

Now we have Adam’s Nature and Christ’s nature in us and whichever nature we choose to become a slave off that nature’s slave we will become. Whichever we accept, believe and confess will become the reality in our lives. The devil tries to convince us that we are in Adam and keeps us focuses on our sins and guilt, though we are born-again Christians. But the day our eyes are opened to what Jesus did on the Cross an how it has crushed all that Adam brought upon us, we defeat the works of the devil in our lives and give ourselves into God’s hands for His Will to be fulfilled. Now we need to educate ourselves in we who are in Christ. The day we refuse to believe his Adam’s lies and confess what Christ has done in our lives we defeat his works on our lives and keep ourselves protected. Don’t let the devil shake your faith in who you are in Christ and all that Christ has accomplished for us on the cross.