“Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind” (Romans 12:2)

Sometimes we pray asking God to renew our minds but the bible says that every born again believer has the responsibility to renew his own mind, At salvation a believer’s spirit it renewed but the mind continues to be the old mind   It is the believer who should now use the scriptures and the help of the Holy Spirit to renew his mind.  When we read the bible the Holy Spirit in us will stop at a particular word or passage and give you the promptings to stay on the word and meditate on it. That means that the Holy Spirit had planned to bring that promise or verse as a physical reality or a blessing in your life. As a spirit-filled believer you need to discern its spiritual origin and take the thought or truth or word into your heart. How to take it into your thought? By the process of meditation and confession. When the thought reaches the heart it mixes with your faith and becomes your belief. Now when the belief is repeated within your heart ad confessed you will begin to transform as that word says.

Our lives don’t just get transformed just because there are truths in the bible and that we read them. By the work of the Holy Spirit a scripture portion just jumps out of the bile and gets stuck in our minds and never leaves it. Wherever we go we find that verse. It is here we need to capture the verse before the evil one comes to pluck away that verse and send it to our hearts through meditation where it becomes our faith and belief. This belief when confessed not only transforms our hearts but also our circumstances miraculously.

Some people are only praying to transform their lives. This could be the deception of Satan but when a believer starts to renew his mind his life gets transformed. We need to pray only to get saved but once we are saved we have the holy spirit in us to make the renewing of the mind easy and effortless for us. The Holy Spirit changes us into the image of his Son Jesus Christ.