God is a master-weaver of our lives. He knows which string to put; when and how to bring about the design or plan He has for our lives. He knows the intricacies with which we are born and he specializes on turning those intricacies with His Wisdom to bring us to this plan.

I heard of a story told in the industry of weaving. In the beginning, the saree designer draws out a pattern or design for a saree and gives it to the weaver to weave. After setting the strings the weavers weave the saree in accordance to the pattern given by the designer. Now the risk in this kind of weaving is if the weaving runs off in the wrong direction and messes up the pattern, it is not possible to go back to the beginning and re-weave the saree. The weavers have no other choice than to stop the entire weaving process right at where it had run awry and call for the designer. The designer would come and study the wrong doing of the weavers and starting at the point of where they have retailed he would give them a new pattern or a new design, and the weavers will follow the new design and complete the saree. It is said that sometimes the new design made out of the mistake would end-up more beautiful than the old design.

This is exactly what our heavenly weaver can do with the mess that we make in our lives. When we have made a mistake that is too intricate for us to unknot, we just need to stop working on it with our own intelligence and surrender to the designer. The designer takes control at the point we made a mess and moves us in a new direction according to His wisdom and plan and make ‘beauty’ out of the dirt we have made, thus making it more intricate ; more complex and more painful. Here they also make the mistake of taking the help of those who are inexperienced in weaving and making it more worse. The wise and easy thing to do is to surrender to the one who made it or designed it. He only knows how to recreate what has been destroyed. Remember he not only heals the sick people to health but also resurrects the dead to life. So even when your mess makes you look as if it’s all over and you are dead call the resurrector. He alone can resurrect you and give you a new life.