Knowledge merely ‘informs’ but does not have the power to ‘transform’ because it does not reach the heart. It’s just a mental assent. Such a person will have excellent knowledge and even teach it in a way that even dummies can understand but if it has not reached his heart and become a revelation it will not transform his life. Their personal experiences will not sync with what they teach.’ Knowledge is what the mind absorbs with the mind and practice it with self-will-power. Fleshly things can be reached this way but spiritual things can never be reached this way. Revelation is a spiritual truth that originates in the Spirit of a man through the Holy Spirit and reaches the heart where it mixes with faith and then comes to the mind then comes out through the mouth as confession or prayer. Such prayers are called spirit-led prayers which brings immediate results. When revelation reaches the heart it also mixes with the emotions there and becomes a passion gaining emotional strength and then mixes with faith and now faith is charged with emotional power. With this power they come out of the mouth as powerful words or confessions that have power over the natural situations. Red sea splits and water turns into wine and storms calm.

A revelation is so charged by Spiritual power that it needs very very less will-power to operate. When a revelation comes to the mind the strength of the negative thoughts in the mind will oppose it and wage a war against it but this is where he who is in you is greater than he who is in the world ( 1 John 4:4) . You will be able to easily use your minimum will power to overcome the opposition of the negative forces and bring out the revelation into your situation and change it. It is through these revelations that that God guides a believer. These revelations renews the mind of the believer and transforms him. This is the voice and wisdom of God. Mere will power needs the power of mere will power to exert it and therefore the extent to which it is realized is differs from person to person according to the strength of their own will powers. But revelation takes it beyond the will power. It is a spirit power and can do things that are beyond the will power. Only with this revelation power Gods plan can be realized. Fulfilling God plan requires spirit power and revelation power and not just will power. Being led by the Holy Spirits revelation is called Spiritual life or being spirit-led. The Bible says that without revelation people perish (Proverbs 29:18). When we are emotionally tired and feeling down, one revelation from God can raise us up to your feet and bring us out of our depression. One word or revelation from God can change our lives forever. Let’s gain knowledge. We need them too to lead successful lives on the earth but let’s receive revelation through accepting Jesus Christ into our hearts and have the Holy Spirit indwell us. Revelation will make us spiritually shining and successful.