We are called to heal by our words because our words can heal. Words can bring spiritual, mental and emotional healing to people. As soon as we decide to heal a person who is hurt or strengthen a person who is spiritually, mentally and emotionally weak, immediately the Holy Spirit takes over our hearts and supplies words of healing in our hearts in the form of thoughts. These thoughts that are supplied by the Holy Spirit possess healing power, comforting power and strengthening power. When we convert these spirit-provided thoughts into words and speak them into the heart of the afflicted person, these words goes into their hearts and heals, comforts and strengthens them. Many times these words through healing the hearts and minds also heal their bodies because many of the physical ailments people suffer are rooted in their minds and emotions. When the heart is healed, the heart heals the mind and the mind heals the body and the physical ailment vanishes. Sometimes due to stress of mind I used to get wheezing but when my spiritual friends call me and speak words from the spirit, I would find the wheezing subside and stop in a few minutes. Yes! We are called to bring spiritual, mental, emotional and even physical healing through our spirit-led words. This will happen when we chose to love a person and be a channel of God’s love to that person. When we more yield to the Holy Spirit he helps us in the words we chose to speak to the afflicted person. The Holy Spirit will dictate words through thoughts into our hearts and we will become a fountain of love to others. The afflicted person may not deserve these words of love sometimes but that’s when we need to yield our hearts to the Spirit of grace – giving to people what they don’t deserve. People who are called to counsel and preach need to specially know this truth and serve as channels of God’s love and grace. When we heal a person through our words an abundance of joy fills our hearts. That joy is poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit in appreciation of the great work of love we have done. This joy in turn heals our own minds and hearts and even our bodies should we have some mind-related physical problems.

But beware the reverse is also true and powerful. As soon as we decide in anger to hurt a person who has hurt us or accused us, immediately the evil spirit takes over our thoughts and supply words of hurt and pain into our thoughts. These words carry tremendous hurting power, the power to inflict pain and weaken the person. When we convert these thoughts provided by the devil into sharp and rude words and speak them into the heart of a person it can affect them spiritually, mentally, emotionally and even physically if they have any ailment rooted to their minds. If the afflicted person has wheezing our words of anger can tremendously increase their wheezing and if our words are too sharp and lethal it can also cause fatal problems to people who receive it and take our words to their hearts.

Words can give life when we yield our hearts to the life-giver and at the same time it can also inflict pain and death when we give our minds to the deceiver and killer.

Let’s offer ourselves as channels of grace and love and bring life and comfort to the world. Words have power. Thoughts have power.